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Doctor Mark Fernando



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Doctor Mark Fernando is an Expert Specialist Adviser on Medical Education, Analyses, Safeguarding, Pastoral Care Clinician, Clinical Bioethics, Global Biosafety, Biosecurity and Medicine, Immunology, Vaccines and Healthcare Economics, with Research & Development in the Use of Quantum Computing for Medicines Innovations. Harvard & Oxford Immunology, Vaccines, Quantum Computational Genomics, Genetics & Medicine. Specialist research interest in Medical Miracles, Healings, Scientifically Unexplainable Medical Healing, Miracles and The Church. History of Medical Miracles & Healings, other known Miracles in Canterbury, since 597 AD onward. Modern times and Miracles: Scientifically documented Miracles. Miracles in Science, Medicine and these discussions in the context of Miracles with The Church and in Christianity. Medical Humanities, Healthcare Humanities & the History of Medicine. Religion & Science Discussions in Medicine and the History of Medicine. Undergraduate Teaching, Postgraduate Teaching, Training , Mentoring & Supervision experience.


Mark’s education was in West London and North West London, then attending two Colleges of the University of London. Graduated from the University of London with a Faculty of Science Honours Degree from the University of London. Mark holds  several formal qualifications at postgraduate level. Subsequently he conducted research and was awarded a PhD Degree. Mark’s postdoctoral qualifications are from University of Oxford, Harvard Medical School at Harvard University, Christ Church College (CCCU) Canterbury and University of Kent.


Mark is an Associate Faculty and Postdoctoral Alumni member of the University of Oxford, serving on the University of Oxford Committee for East Kent. An Invited Guest Faculty of Harvard Medical School, an Invited Health Sciences Fellow of the University of Kent and was the lead for the Advanced Research Centre for Comparative Bioethics. A member of the Chartered College of Teaching, UK and a member of NHS Healthcare Trusts in Kent, London, Oxford and Cambridge.


Enabled by HM UK Government Research Councils to be a Principal Investigator for UK State Research Programmes in health. Mark has strong research experience to share, towards public health policy and with public service objectives. ORCID Researcher ID for NIHR, NHS and Universities research ID:


Advisor in Medical Education. Previous UK HMG Advisor experience in Humanitarian Healthcare Diplomacy, UK HMG FCO Invited Advisor for UK Government requested G20 and G8 Healthcare Policies, Humanitarian Healthcare Diplomacy and Healthcare Economics.


Mark’s University of Oxford Postdoctoral Qualification in Clinical Medicine and Immunology, combined with Harvard Medical School Clinical Medicine Qualifications, including Genetics and Genomics, are particularly relevant to contemporary medical and health research topics. Participating in policy discussions and research,  with the Cabinet Office, HMG, London, UK (2020, 2021).  Innovate UK and UK Research Councils project planning, (2020, 2021).  


Mark is an Editorial Reviewer for Oxford University Press research, Oxford Medical Case Reports,, International Journal of Quality in Health Care,, Sentinel Reader, Faculty of Health, McMaster University, , Reviewer, International Journal of Public Health (IJPH), , International Conference Speaker and Participant for Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics,


Invited Speaker and Rhodes Scholar Supervisor, Tutor and Mentor for Doctoral (DPhil) Rhodes Scholar, Linacre College, Oxford, Invited St. John’s College, Oxford Panel Speaker.10 Healthcare CPD’s University of Kent. 24 CME’s Harvard Medical School. Supervised at Doctoral (PhD and DPhil) levels and at Master of Research (MRes) levels. Editorial Peer Reviewer in 2020, for UCL Professorial advanced medical research, for Oxford University Press.

Participating in UK HMG projects, research and work, (2020 and 2021 onward, 2022).

May 2022: 

Participating with research work with University of Cambridge, UK, (November, 2020, onward, 2021, 2022, 2023) University of Cambridge Press, UK & USA, ( 2022, 2023).


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